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More on Movable Type 4.0

posted by DL Byron on June 06, 2007

Reactions to MT 4.0 announcement and the beta have been really positive. Anil Dash, Chief Evangelist for Six Apart, and I chatted about the Movable Type 4 Beta today in an instant message.

Byron: Hit me with some MT talking points
Anil: Basically, completely redesigned UI and architecture organized around helping you succeed with tasks, instead of just listing entries and posts and enabling a two-way dialogue with community, instead of just basic blogging.
OK, what else you got on MT 4?
Anil: I think just emphasizing it’s a *real* beta old-fashioned kind we’re not using “beta” because we’re afraid to launch we’re using Beta because we actually will be listening to people’s feedback.
Why the switch to open source and what does that mean?
Anil: Well, I think it’s not a “switch” — we’re adding an open source license, and one of the main reasons simply that developers and people in the tech community wanted it … Just adding options for all the different audiences we try to serve.
What does MT 4 mean to the enterprise?
Anil: I think at a fundamental level, we’re seeing that blogging in business situations has gone from “oh, that sounds like an interesting experiment” to being something where people have seen measurable improvements in communications and efficiency, compared to using email alone, or groupware alone. And MT4 makes that significantly easier. Easier to set up, easier to manage. You can just click and set up a default blog that gets created for every employee on your staff, or every workgroup in your organization. It all connects to the directory servers and databases and middleware and portals you’re already using. Creating or customizing content can happen in suites like Microsoft Office or Adobe’s Creative Suite, so you’re not reinventing the wheel with your processes.
And oh! snap, nearly forgot, check this out! More creating community in emerging markets with the new Latin Insights blog from the Intel Blog Network (built with Movabe Tye).
Anil: I think sites like Latin Insights help reinforce the fact that blogging is an international phenomenon, and a great way to communicate with people regardless of where in the world they are. We’ve always been a very international company — much of our MT business comes from our divisions in Europe and Japan, and this is just more proof that global businesses can really use blogging effectively.

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Jun 06  |  Bryan Rhoads said:

MTE is UTF-8 out of the box… thats huge.

Our Intel bloggers can blog through any localized version of MTE, blog in their local language and publish to localized templates.

Looking forward to MT 4…

Jun 06  |  -b- said:

Absolutely … that happened with China, Latin America, and the blogs to follow.

Jun 11  |  Michael Max said:

I’m just a newbie to blogging here. And there are posts that I need to do in Chinese. I’ve been using Wordpress with good results, but I just read your post here and wonder if there is something I’m missing, and should I perhaps consider MT.

Jun 12  |  DL Byron said:

Wordpress is a great product as well. Movable Type Enterprise, the app we deployed for Intel is intended for just that, the enterprise. Regarding Chinese postings and Chinese characters, as long as the app and webserver supports UTF-8, you’re good to go.

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