Textura Design is a creative force specializing in business blogging for clients big and small.

About Textura Design

15 years ago

Textura Design Inc., founded in 1997, started as a group of creative professionals exploring art and technology. Over the years, our work expanded to include web design for clients, the development of new consumer products, business blogging, and social media. Textura Design is based in Seattle, near Alki Beach and is the publisher of Bike Hugger.

What is this site?

This site is a blog and we've been blogging here for years, even before it was called blogging. The blog posts fall under various tags and include updates on our projects, clients, book, design, cycling and "dreeping," our observations about living in Seattle.

We used Movable Type as our blogging application. We also designed and built Movable Type blogs for our clients. Now were into Expression Engine.

Still curious? Check our TDI FAQ page.

The Team

DL Byron
Principal, Blogger, Author
Scott Benish
Designer, Implementor, Problem Solver
Pam Massey
Operations Director
Studio Pug

What we do

We blog, evangelize, design, develop, consult, and write. We'd be happy to talk with you more about business blogging/social media and also suggest you read our book about business blogging. Also meet us when we're out speaking and attending various events like IDF, CES, and Mobile Socials.


Back in the day, Textura Design won Cool Site of the Day for reverb: an echo of our friend and Best of the Cool for Textura Design.com. CoolStop named "distillates" Site of the Month and Textura Design has been nominated for a Rockefeller Foundation Media Fellowship. We probably won more awards in the blur of the dotcoms.


2005 was very busy for us, in 2006 the blogging continued, nonstop into 2007, and 2008 we blogged in Asia, and 09 has us focusing on our Mobile Socials, publishing Bike Hugger into 11 and 12. The frequent press interviews are related to Clip-n-Seal, business blogging, social media, our work for clients, and our book about blogging. If you've read an article on us or seen us speak recently, please let us know what you thought.