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Fear of Bold

07 Jan 05 by DL Byron

Fear of Bold Where Veen has organized his life into happy little folders, my aggregation is an ominous, overwhelming amount of bold. I fear the bold because when I open Bloglines and see all that bold, I pause, not click on anything, and move onto something else. However, after the rush of praise, eventual comparisons to Pointcast, incredible information overload, and serious doubt from me that anyone was actually using it (besides Scoble), RSS is finally becoming useful with new, improved RSS readers applications like Basecamp, 43Things, and CNN’s feeds.

RSS Countdown

I''ve replaced that "fear of bold" with the "RSS countdown" using Newsfire, a rocking little app. While it has it’s own issues, it works for me because it doesn't use the mail application metaphor. It’s two panels, not bloated, and aquafied. If I see the countdown going way up in my dock, I find the feed with the most items (like the nonstop posting at Endgadget), and change it to ping every 12 hours and expire after one day.

A quick check and the feed countdown is up to 908, whoa, must be CES and the nonstop geek posting.

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Posted by Frank | 07 Jan 05

And I think the next step is intelligent filtering:

Most of my news feeds could auto-expire, leaving just the latest news (I don't care if I see every headline that passes through BBC News), and reducing the unread count.

For other feeds, I want to see everything that comes through.

And for some keywords (my name, the name of my company or website), I might like some action (a custom sound, an e-mail, an SMS) to occur anytime they come up.

With the power to track hundreds of websites comes the risk of overlooking the 1 thing you really need to know.

Posted by -b- | 07 Jan 05

Agreed. I'd like to see an iTunes-like type-ahead searching, where I could type a phrase and see all the hits on that in my feed reader.

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