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Home Theater

posted by DL Byron on September 29, 2003

I spent my summer vacation setting up a home theater. It was a good distraction from work because I soon learned that DVD, HDTV, a 5.1 audio system, and setting up the theater setup is not exactly consumer friendly or easy. Given that, if you spend the time and research it, you can get into a system for a reasonable budget. My system:

  • Philips 30 inch, widescreen HDTV - $799.00 (Costco)
  • Sony DVD - $100.00
  • Pioneer Receiver - $199.00 (Costco)
  • Boston Acoustics, MicroSystem 9000 II - $699.00 (Magnolia, special)
  • Ikea Speaker Stands - $40.00
  • Connections - $63.00
  • Total = $1,900.00

Some very helpful sites:

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A coincadink

posted by DL Byron on September 25, 2003

Coincidentally, while I was lecturing on the FIR technique (among others) a debate about it's applicability was occurring online. After catching up by reading the tedious, long-ass posts, I determined that the usage I presented works, as intended, because the drawbacks don't matter. We're presenting inessential, nonsemantic images, so the problems found by others never came up. In fact, as noted here, we never thought of using the technique for headers or navigation.

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The Troll

posted by DL Byron on September 11, 2003

if i am inside the silo and the ensilage comes pouring down on me, do i run or let it bury me. crush me. suffocate me.

the troll will laugh. knowing i won't run. it is as though he has his hands at my throat.

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Blogstakes Rant

posted by DL Byron on September 09, 2003

Pausing from adjusting the speakers once again in our home theater, I read "all blog marketers are going to hell." Blogstakes has been a remarkable branding success for Clip-n-Seal. Type Clip-n-Seal into any search engine and see the return. What we found the most interesting, is that some bloggers have added Clip-n-Seal to their list o' links, right next to their other favorites. I think they appreciate our approach. The web has been my career and I'm using my skills and medium to market a product I invented. I feel good about that. Much better than the dotcoms fantasies I once lived. A recent Seattle PI business article explains how we went from From High to Low Tech.

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So long

posted by DL Byron on September 07, 2003

one day i was walking down the street and i saw a bird crushed by a cab. its blood was very bright. too bright.

it has been so long...

so long....

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