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Long in the BlueTooth

posted by DL Byron on November 28, 2003

It’s refreshing when technology works and you don’t spend a day tweaking, configuring, or reparing an OS update, data sync, or whatever. This week, I upgrading my cellphone to a Sony Erikcsson T616. And, so far, using bluetooth, I’ve synced my address book from my laptop to the phone and used the phone as a modem to connect my laptop to the internet. I didn’t want a pda phone, but would like my contacts to sync on the phone and laptop. Done. I travel occassionally and just want to check email. If I can’t find a free wifi hotspot, I don’t want to pay to join a network for a day. Done. I just connect through my cell phone.

That was the easy part. Buying the phone and the service through AT&T Wireless was not. I suspect that they spent more time fighting the new cell phone rules than preparing for the churn and their systems have been crashing for weeks. If other providers in my area would have offered the T616, I would’ve gone to them. Finally, an experienced customer sevice rep helped me, but I still wondered how a company could perform so poorly.

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Dance Moves

posted by DL Byron on November 26, 2003

We’ve been bumped by the latest google dance. For years, you could search Google for Texturadesign and this site would be returned as the top hit. Now, an rss feed and other sites that link to us are the top hits. There’s no direct link to Texturadesign.com. Apparently Google has changed their Page Rank system to block Search Engine Optimization techniques. This topic has been slashdotted. We’ve got some tweaks to the page we’ll try and see what happens with the next dance.

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posted by DL Byron on November 23, 2003

Work continues for Windermere. Besides the maintenance, and tweaks here and there, I’m pushing for a complete standards-based redesign.

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Zero Config

posted by DL Byron on November 21, 2003

I started working on a contract at a large corporation a few weeks ago. While there, I discovered that one of the most useful Panther features is windows interoperability and Zero config networking. I just plugged my mac into their network, set the proxy, and thank you very much. I also share music on their LAN with other iTunes users. One day, after logging in, I saw several shared libraries show up in playlists. That same day, wired published an article about being judged by your playlist. I think my list is cool, but maybe not. It is full of 80s music.

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