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Needy Beast

posted by DL Byron on December 30, 2003

I have sat alone. Deep inside the silo.
I have heard her. She is singing to me.
What do you covet? The gift.
But I know it is her that is coveteous. She makes me want to please.

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Curious object

posted by DL Byron on December 22, 2003

curious_shape.gif A friend sent a cheery photo of her daughter making cookies. Very nice. Looking closely at the photo, I noticed a curious object in the background and pointed that out to her in a reply-all response. She wrote back and said, "That is a butternut squash we grew ourselves—totally organic! We have decided that it is our God, and worship it in orgiastic ceremonies on nights of a full moon. You are invited to join our religion, since you are the only person on our extensive mailing list who has noticed it’s throbbing presence in the background.

By the way, the other people on this mailing list are my sweet, doddery old aunts and uncles, who may have thrombosis when they see your little arrow pointing to our big phallus."

I wished her well for the holidays and sent her the Santa Pole link.

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Burn on through to the other side

posted by DL Byron on December 22, 2003

For all the positive economic indicators, including our own, the layoffs keep coming. Check the PI’s layoff tracker. Some on the entries, like onename are fascinating encapsulations of the dotcom era. Just imagine all that burned through capital.

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Remote Control

posted by DL Byron on December 22, 2003

Another useful utility for mac/windows interoprerability is Remote Desktop Control. This MS app connects to and controls a windows desktop from a mac desktop. I use macs and pcs side-by-side, all day long, and the more interoperability the better. You can’t drag and drop files between the two desktops, like Virtual PC (another great app), but you can connect to your mac’s hard drive from the PC and transfer away.

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To be Wed

posted by DL Byron on December 17, 2003

Some of you noticed the one-liner I slipped into the Santa Pole invite about our engagement. Thanks for the congratulations. It took us 5 years to get to a ring and the date hasn’t been set for the wedding. It will be in the late summer of 2004.

We may steal away in the middle of the night, drive across the country in a Winnebago, and exchange vows at the Grand Canyon. Or rent a limo and get married by Elvis in Vegas. Maybe New York and then there’s the beaches in Costa Rica or a bike tour of Italy. Whichever event we choose, it’ll be small with a large reception. Pam will look stunningly beautiful and I’ll be grateful to have met someone like her.

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The Santa Pole

posted by DL Byron on December 16, 2003

The Santa Pole tradition continues this year with a design competition. Two years ago, we started the Santa Pole tradition by accident when decorating for a fun, impromptu, winter solstice party. We found an old plastic Santa head in an antique store and attached it to a pole wrapped with Christmas paper and lights.

Now our children understand that by waving the Santa Pole about, Santa knows we’re accepting presents. It’s how we signal the North Pole that we’re “open” and to make sure Santa stops at our house. I made that story up when the children kept asking me what I was doing outside with a pole, lights, and wrapping paper. Now it’s a tradition. This year, as in years past, on Christmas Eve, we’ll wave the Santa Poles about and the children will hop around all excited. Later over drinks with the parents, a design winner will be decided. We hear that everyone loves the tradition (or at least the say they do) and we have an open house on Christmas Eve for our friends to stop by with their Santa Poles.

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Random thought on a very busy day

posted by DL Byron on December 12, 2003

If I was ever given the opportunity to cover a old tune and become a fleeting, drug-addicted, one-hit wonder rock star, it would be freedom of choice (iTunes link) by Devo.

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More on wireless

posted by DL Byron on December 05, 2003

Reports continue in the press about ATT Wireless and the wireless industry. What has always incensed me, is that you had to tie the phone to the service. I know what phone I want and want to shop services. Can't do it. And that's contributing to these ongoing problems. Your phone is tied to your service and contract. In Europe you can just go buy a phone.

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