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posted by DL Byron on April 06, 2004

Months ago when the first journalists died in Iraq, I thought that blogging doesn't really matter much. These professionals are losing their lives. 36 of them died in 2003. What are we doing? Blogging about blogging? We tend to think we're more important and big then we really are. Even with all the press some sites get, the blogosphere is still a small sphere. Ask anyone that doesn't blog or use RSS. I bet most of them don't know what that is, what we do, or care. While Boing Boing's fascination with goatse is entertaining to it's 3.5M visitors, is it valuable to the rest of the world? Blogs deserve their place and everyday I'm out there evangelizing them, but we need to check ourselves, keep it in perspective.

Today, Dan Gilmour posts on the 2004 Pulitzer Prizes and asks if bloggers could ever produce that quality of work. A threaded debate is ongoing with strong opinions on both sides. While I've written about amateurs, citing Tom Coates, there's still much need for professionals and I give them their due props.

I'm certainly not a journalist. Just a blogger

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