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A new outfit

posted by DL Byron on May 20, 2004

Redesigning is like getting a new outfit. I put it on, hope someone notices, ask how it looks, check the mirror occasionally, then eventually get used to it. I’m fiddling with this style, that style, and trying pictures in posts, which I’m not sure I like.

A business shift

The site shifted to be less personal and more about our business (a direct reflection of how many hours we work). Hopefully Scott will post later today with details of the design, including the how and why and the deal with the column nav. That’ll include a lists of props.

Some Browser funktasticness

Mac IE has got some funktasticness going down with the fonts and I’ll look into that later. Scott went into a marathon, “Kill Bill Dance Hall of Death” style coding session and chopped most of the bugs. That was impressive.

More later.

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May 20  |  Ethan said:

Mac IE5 always has some funktasticness going down. ;)

Seriously though, congrats on the redesign!

May 20  |  -b- said:

Thanks! We got more work to do, but we got it out.

May 21  |  robroy said:

-b- i like the redesign. it feels like you are becoming some sort of super web stud. whoohoo

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