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Do no harm blogging Updated

posted by DL Byron on May 15, 2004

As a small business owner, I understand the struggle is to develop a pricing strategy, get your product out, try to make money and pay the bills. Watching the Movable Type (MT) aka “MT-Gate” controversy unfold has really taken me aback. I don’t know their business case, nor do I want to speculate, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt until I decide otherwise.

What I will say is that others should follow the “do no harm” blogging tenet. I don’t think that’s written down anywhere, but it should be. Scoble first told me about it.

Why spit so much venom at a company that has done so much good? If you don’t like what they offer, choose something else, and let the market decide. Maybe they’ve made a terrible business mistake, or not, but they certainly don’t deserve this attack.


For those that criticized MT so strongly, see their clarification. As I stated above, I decided to give MT the benefit of the doubt. They made a PR, or community, mistake. They should've be transparent and had a discussion about their new pricing. To their credit, they got on it, and clarified.

You can also observe MT-gate as blogging for business in action. I guess this all took place without any PR people or spin meisters.

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