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Cab Elvis, Alaska, Nachos, Brown Bears, and Fudge Buttons

posted by DL Byron on August 05, 2004

Tonight Cab-Elvis will visit, marry us, drive us to dinner, then back, and then we leave for a bicycle tour of South Central Alaska:

  • Riding around Anchorage - 50 miles
  • Anchorage to Palmer - 50 miles
  • Palmer to Sheep Mountain - 80 miles
  • Sheep Mountain to Copper Valley - 50 miles
  • Copper Valley to Valdez - 100 miles
  • Valdez to Anchorage - 50 Miles
  • Anchorage - 50 miles

The Alaskan 511:

We’ll pack everything into Carradice SQR Bags and ride our Davidsons. While pedaling along, we’ll frequently think of Nachos and French Fries. We may file trip reports. We may get chased by an angry, big-ass brown bear. We expect to return to a blog full of spam and hope a big Clip-n-Seal deal closes.

We’ll also remember how we fell in love, while another couple fell in love, and ate fudge buttons.

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Aug 06  |  Greg said:

When you get to Palmer tell them Greg Storey sent you. That’s my old hood.

Aug 16  |  -b- said:

what a surprise Palmer was! we were expecting it to be a one road town, just a t in the road. nope. it’s got a home depot now.

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