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10 security Updates today

posted by DL Byron on February 09, 2005

Today I checked on the security updates for my PC. I'd seen a news item that a new batch was available. I use the PC for testing and the one applications that I can't get to work on my Mac (Polar's Heart Rate monitor software, it run's great on VPC, but the USB doesn't correct.) There's 10 updates, yep, 10. What are we at now, 300 patches so far for XP?

Credit to the hard working crew at MS for getting those out, they're the ones in sleeping bags, the ones that use free pop and snacks to survive all night sessions, but I've always wondered at what point would MS customers experience patch fatigue. What does annoy me is the few times I start the pc first thing that happens is that the security center tells me a patch is waiting. Great, that ten minutes, turned into an hour.

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Feb 10  |  kurt said:

something’s really wrong with MSFT. Google, firefox, they’re spawning new innovative, simple to use, user friendly products.

MS_PATCHs…. is out of control what happened. bloated architecture. massive backward compatibility induced, “INERTIA”. it’s ridiculous, it’s time for Bill, and Steve and crew to start acting more like google… and get IT right..

innovate..and fix the damn architecture.. make things simple not “Feature rich and user use-less” please!

new products are beginning to breath deeply again. unfortunately MSFT is not on in the same league these days….they’re patching always patching…..

do firefox.!!!! get it right!

Feb 12  |  m said:

Yawn. More MS bashing.

my computer, right click, properties, automatic updates, choose “Automatic” and pick a time (I chose 3 a.m. every day)

Feb 13  |  -b- said:

I don’t think the post was a bash. Are you sensitive to bashing? As noted, credit to the MS teams for getting those patches out, but it’s patch tuesday every month and that has to be a drain on the employees, resources, and customers. Now, Kurt’s comment was borderline bashing, but what he’s saying, you can read in the press almost daily. Innovative products, especially in new markets, are putting the pressure on MS. I read about that last week in the Wired article on iPods. Or this week that the new MS-branded antivirus has been hacked.

Feb 15  |  Stuart Tevendale said:

Hi, Noticed your comment in your Switch2Mac blog about using your Polar HRM with the Mac - we’ve just released iSMARTtrain which lets you do this without the need for Virtual PC.

See http://www.ismarttrain.com for details or email me, stuart at otag dot co dot uk for info.



Feb 15  |  -b- said:

Oh my! That’s some big news. I’ll email you today and post on it, if it works. Seriously, besides testing, that’s the only application I need the pc for.

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