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A Passion for Plastics

posted by DL Byron on February 11, 2005

After the Blog Business Summit, Jon Lunddal Froda and Jesper Bindslev from the Copenhagen Business School interviewed me. We discussed blogging, product blogs, and more. At the end Jon asked me, “why the Passion for Plastics?” Good question and I responded that it’s because we made a product, launched it, people responded, and actually bought it. If it had been a failure, you wouldn’t be hearing me talk about it so much.

That passion is also discussed in the March issue of Fast Company. The article about Clip-n-Seal (subscription or access code required for 30 days) discusses our successes with blogging and how you have to be authentic on your blog. Being authentic is being passionate and vice versa. That goes for plastics or whatever you blog.

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Feb 14  |  jesper said:

Hi byron, currently in class at cbs - showing your site. We still dont get it! how can you be passionate about plastic???

Feb 15  |  -b- said:

It’s the simplicity of the product, the minimalism, it could be made out of stainless steel tubes and rubber.

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