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Born Magazine needs your help

posted by DL Byron on February 08, 2005

Almost 3 years ago a friend forwarded me a job posting from a Seattle based freelance list. The posting was from Byron, and he was looking for some Flash help. We ended up doing that project, then many more (launching Clip-n-Seal, doing the web site for the Blog Business Summit and a bunch of other things).

The friend that forwarded me Byron's email that fateful day was Gabe Kean, so it seems appropriate to post a recent message from Gabe here:

"The volunteers and staff of Born thank you for your continued support during our eight years of experimenting with collaborative arts. Our newest, most ambitious endeavor opens this spring, and we need your support more than ever."

Opening in March, "Help Wanted: Collaborations in Art" combines the talents of accomplished visual artists, writers, architects, filmmakers, graphic designers, cartoonists and other creative minds to develop an interactive art show that promises to inspire dedicated Born followers and introduce new audiences to our unique, collaborative concept.

Born is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductable.

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Feb 08  |  -b- said:

Suggest have rhizome.org publicize it as well for them. They’re all about the net.art.

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