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PainJunkie Experiences Pain

posted by DL Byron on February 09, 2005

The painjunkie blogs on his experiences buying a Trek Bicycle. I'm sure many have had a similar experience and I've often wondered about how some bike shops stay in business, but disagree that bike shops are notorious for being unfriendly. You need to find a shop that still has a passion, like Elliott Bay Bicycles, where my Custom Davidsons are made or Bicycles West, where I buy the Treks that I race on. The problem shops are indicative of the industry, which has had it's problems, but it's recovering and chugging along nicely now. I've worked in bike shops and suspect that Painjunkie maybe a pain to work with and if that's correct, he's the shopper that wants everything you don't have on the sales floor and wants to talk about it all day and then buy it mail order. As his slogan states, "nothing is fun until it hurts." I wonder how hard it is to sell to PainJunkie, especially if he isn't having fun unless it hurts.

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