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SXSW and Currents9influenced

posted by DL Byron on February 03, 2005

I’ll be speaking at SXSW and Currents9influenced in the next few months and I’m really excited about both events. In planning, but not yet announced, are more events.

SXSW Interactive Festival

I’ll moderate a How to Build Your Brand with Blogs panel at SXSW Interactive, March 12 – 16, Austin Texas. The panel will be a discussion with the experts. Learn how the panel participants built or extended their brands with blogs. They’ll discuss their successes, failures, customers, Public Relations, and politics. A lively Q/A is expected with many tips, strategies, and lessons learned.


Sponsored by AIGA/Seattle, May 20th, Seattle, WA. Currents9influenced (say it all at once, three times) seeks to provide creative programming that unites designers of various, multi-faceted disciplines for a one-day event at the Seattle Art Museum. A major theme of the conference will be for the presenters to trace and identify the paths of their creative inspiration — the currents of their past. Each stream, connection, influence and experience has undoubtedly shaped what they do. I’ll speak about blogging your portfolio and Standards-based design.


Webvisions 2005, July 15, Portland, Oregon.

Web Design World, March 21 – 23, San Francisco, California.

Read more on our speaking page.

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