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The Trip to Macworld

posted by DL Byron on February 01, 2005

Macworld A highlight of the trip to Macworld Expo a few weeks ago was visiting Six Apart's offices. It reminded me of the dotcoms, just the good parts, and it was a very good, happening vibe. Being there felt like I was on the verge of something bigger. We talked about TypePad and Movable Type and the Blog Business Summit. I was at Macworld to support Steve's tech session on Blogging and he was on. He got the crowd fired up and it reinforced that we need to show more nuts and bolts, the how to design blogs.

It was my first time at Macworld and man do I have good timing. I touched the Mac Mini, iPod Shuffle, and huddled with the Mac faithful. It's a good time to evangelize the Mac platform and the trip inspired this new Switch2Mac category on this blog.

2 years ago I switched full time to a Mac and haven't looked back. I'd always used both: PC at work and Mac at home. Not anymore. I know 3 confirmed switchers and one more on the way. As I wrote in the Importance of the Mac Mini, users are just exhausted by their PCs and ready for something better. Switcher number 4 absolutely could not get his PC to make a video (see It's raining sideways - ha-ha dance). Enter iLife. More on that in the next post.

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