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PowerPoint is a distraction

posted by DL Byron on April 20, 2005

One of my favorite passages from the La Vida Robot story I blogged about a couple weeks ago:

"Why don't you have a PowerPoint display?" he asked.

"PowerPoint is a distraction," Cristian replied. "People use it when they don't know what to say."

"And you know what to say?"

"Yes, sir."

I wonder if Cristian is a fan of Tufte?

That's not to say that you can't do good or interesting things with PowerPoint, but I wish more people saw it as the crutch that it is.

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Apr 21  |  -b- said:

Check Byrne’s the medium is the message PowerPoint art.

At least with Keynote, the typographic and graphics look amazing. You still gots to communicate your message, but having it look nice helps.

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