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posted by DL Byron on May 17, 2005

I'll be speaking about Standards-based design and blogging this friday at the AIGA's Currents9 event. The organizers have put together an impressive schedule. I'll have Clip-n-Seal samples and deals on Photoshop training DVDs with me. Please say hello and I'll see you there.

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May 17  |  Keith said:

Me and some of the boys from PBDH will be down there. Looks pretty good.

May 17  |  -b- said:

Cool Cool. There’s an after event as well, with a dj and more. We’ll see you there.

May 17  |  Paul Ingram said:

This gig’s gonna be great. There’s going to be over a hundred of us it looks like. I mean, who would miss an event where you can get a free Clip-n-Seal?

May 18  |  -b- said:

I’m reminded of that last one I attended where Praystation did a performance art piece for his lecture. It was phenomenal. A home move of him dressing up like Beetlejuice and putting burnt cork in his eyes to make them look blood red. I’ve got some surprises, but nothing like that!

May 20  |  Nancy White said:

Tell the designers there are a lot of us bloggers who need their help to make our blogs LOOK better!

May 21  |  -b- said:

Right on!

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