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PML 1.0 Specification

posted by DL Byron on June 30, 2005

I’d been joking for months in IM convos about a new macroformat, Porno Markup Language, or , and DaveZilla posted on it today. Dave riffed on the joke and wrote the faux spec. Responding quickly, DantedCubed, offered some compliant code.

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Lance Armstrong Infographic

posted by DL Byron on June 29, 2005

LanceThe Oregonian ran a doubletruck infographic on Lance's Last Tour yesterday. It's amazing. I grabbed 3 copies out it from the papers in the hotel lobby. Later, I checked with Frank and suggested he post about it on the TDF Blog. Frank did some checking and found it online via NewsDesigner.com.

The graphic and design was done by Michael Mode and Steve Cowden, the text is by Bonnie DeSimone and James Yu.


Jeremy Gilbert has pdfs of the Times Tour graphic at his site. A small one (1MB) here, a big one (6MB) here.

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Haydn Student Trumpets Blog Launch

posted by DL Byron on June 20, 2005

Damian Conrad - the man behind the Clip-n-Seal photos - emailed me last month and inquired about adding a blog to a site of his. Well, the Textura Design team is no stranger to blogs and in short order we put together the recently launched Haydn Student Trumpets Blog.

We advised that one of the best ways to gain an audience is to post frequently and provide high quality content that people will enjoy. He's already off to an impressive start and hopefully trumpeters around the web will quickly discover this great new resource.

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Things on my neighbor's roof

posted by DL Byron on June 20, 2005

goo Various things appear on my neighbor's roof and I can see them whenever I'm in the kitchen. Today there is a jumping rope, sword, plushy toy, and a squishy toy that's melting in the summer sun. It's turned into a colorful blob of goo. I can only see the south side of the roof, but expect that the north side has just as many objects. The other day, I was going to throw my own object up there, but Pam stopped me.

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Barry Byron

posted by DL Byron on June 19, 2005

Barry Byron This old guy couldn't be happier when I told him about shipping Clip-n-Seals to NASA, the story in the PI, and that I was writing a book on blogging. During a visit a few weeks ago, he carried the Space Mondo around and would clip various things items to it. He was proud and happy and he deserves that. Thanks dad.

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It was a dark and stormy blogging night

posted by DL Byron on June 17, 2005

I posted on the Blog Business Summit about the book I’m writing with Erin Kissane and Steve Broback. I announced it during my keynote in Colorado. Getting it published took a lot of time and hard work and I’m sure that’s just a precursor to the actual writing of the book, which is expected to include 2 levels of Dante’s Hell (level 1 was the proposal). I’m waiting for the “crazy, sexy, cool” title to hit me in the shower, or during a bike ride, and thinking about all that needs to be written.

The back story to the book is over a year old when I started talking with Molly, Zeldman, Carrie, et al., and finally Michael Nolan about writing a book. Several versions, proposals, and discussions later, New Riders agreed to publish it and so here it goes. From chapter 1: “It was a dark and stormy blogging night … .”

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Shuttle Countdown

posted by DL Byron on June 16, 2005

Shuttle Count Today the Space Shuttle moved back to its Florida launch pad, a critical step in NASA's plan to launch it next month after a hiatus of more than two years. We're watching the Shuttle closely, hoping that Clip-n-Seals make it on flight. Our last update is that's it's a go, but that's not confirmed.


posted by DL Byron on June 15, 2005

The Seattle PI reported on our shipments to NASA earlier this week. Jeremy Wagstaff of the WSJ picked it up, as did Oyayubizoku, and Coudal.com. It’s remarkable really and I’ve paused during the week to think about the “little clip that could.” If it does fly, and we’re hoping for “all systems go,” we’ll post on more of the story and roll out some marketing around it.

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Starvin Arvin's Happy Penis

posted by DL Byron on June 15, 2005

Phallic Logo A few minutes outside of the Montrose Airport, driving past strip malls, I spotted the Happy Penis logo and didn’t stop to take a photo. On the way back, I insisted we stop, did a quick u-turn, and shot it.

I missed the judging for B3TA’s Phallic Logo Awards, but think the Happy Penis may have won. It was awesome at full neon road-sign size. The reader board next to the logo said, “Dinner Smothered Pork Chops,” which seemed appropriate.

MSNBC recommended Starvin’s earlier this year, but failed to mention the attention-grabbing logo. Same thing with TruckerPhoto.com, who raved about the found.

Side note, Tom the Trucker offers full-on blogging with trip reports, photos, and podcasts.

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posted by DL Byron on June 13, 2005

From Telluride to Lizard Head Pass

It was a cold day, mixed with rain, hail, sleet, snow, and a climb up Lizard Head Pass to an altitude of 10, 255 ft. My clothes were soaked through in less than five minutes, as the dark clouds I'd been watching opened up and the downpour started. Pam agreed to drive a support car or I wouldn't have started the ride. It's 9 miles from the Mountain Village near Telluride (aka To-hell-u-ride) to Lizard Head Pass and the most difficult miles I've ever ridden. I tried to stay focused on my cadence and breathing, while my mind drifted into worrying about how much could go wrong. As I descended into the first of several valleys on the way up the climb, I noticed that there were no guardrails or shoulders. It's a long way down jagged rocky cliffs, over the edge of the road, and I was scared. I tensed up on the bike, as I swerved to avoid rocks that had fallen from the cliffs above.

More photos are posted here.

Passing the 10kt feet mark, my thighs ached and my heart rate was elevated. I breathed shorter breaths, backed off the cadence, and stood up occasionally just to stretch. To me, riding at elevation feels like riding in the winter: heavier, heavy bike, and stiff legs. Nothing felt fluid or good. I'm no climber, live at sea level, and completed the ride in 1:07. I rode very cautiously on the descents, around corners, and s-turns. I'm sure my fear was heightened by the weather, fast-moving black clouds, and 32 degree temperatures.

Pam passed every ten minutes in the car to check on me, take a photo, and ask if I wanted to continue. After a few times, she stopped asking. I'd nod at her, take a sip from my water bottle, and keep pedaling. On the final ascent, I did start wondering when it was going to end and how much longer the climbing would go on. As I neared the summit, the euphoric, adrenaline rushes started. I didn't have anything to sprint across the line, but felt the rush, it was like completing a 40k time trail and realizing you've done well. Any climber could kick my ass up to Lizard Head, but that didn't matter today. I was at altitude and finished a ride in hellish conditions. Pam urged me repeatedly to get in the car. She knew how quickly I'd get too cold.

I opted to not ride back to Telluride, stripped out of my soaked cycling clothes, and got in the car. I hope I can return one day and ride it from the other side, up from Rico. It was a challenge, fucking scary, and a total rush.

More on Lizard Head

Lizard Head Pass is between the towns of Dolores and Telluride and is named for a 13,113-foot pinnacle of rock that protrudes abrupty above the eastern end of the the San Miguel Mountains. In the 1890's the peak apparently resembled a lizard. It doesn't now and the story goes that a large rock fall off the peak and it lost its lizard-like appearance.

I was in Colorado for a speaking gig at the Colorado Ski Country's Annual Meeting. I found information on the ride on the Cycling Mountain Passes website.

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Fun with Packaging

posted by DL Byron on June 10, 2005

Coudal's post and video on the airplus machine reminded me of how much fun you can have with packing materials and machines. Our kids use the heat sealer to make water ballons, seal up toys, and treasures. They we're absolutely fascinated with it, when it arrived a few years ago. Now, that fun tends wears off, when you're packing up a ton of shipments, but there's sure a buzz when a new machine arrives.

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Colorado Keynote

posted by DL Byron on June 08, 2005

I posted the slides from my keynote in Colorado to sampleblog.com, a blog we created just for presentations and lectures. I'll also photo blog there with more on Telluride, riding at 10K feet, and the gondola ride.

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The next Blog Business Summit

posted by DL Byron on June 06, 2005

The next Blog Business Summit will be in San Francisco, August 17 - 19. A Blogging 101 seminar has been added to the event. The speakers and sessions will be announced as soon as they're finalized. I'll be speaking about design, blogging business, and just hanging out in San Fran.

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Apple and Intel

posted by DL Byron on June 06, 2005

John Gruber summarizes the Apple and Intel rumor and stories in two recent posts. The first is the Intel rundown and the second observed exactly what has fascinated me. No one was talking much about WWDC before this story broke and there hasn't been a peep from the "free-speech" rumor sites on leaked products, mocked photos, anything. Gruber also disses Scoble, which is funny in itself. I'm with Macworld's Jason Snell that it's something else . . . a new device, WiMax or something. Whatever it is, we can see once again how Apple can make headlines.

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