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iPod Nanos Scratch Themselves

posted by DL Byron on September 29, 2005

I hadn’t seen anything quite so hysteric with Apple’s products, then the scratching. Scanning some of the blogs, I saw a comment where a guy swore he like just set his nano on the desk, came back and it was scratched! iPods have been scratchy for as long as there have been iPods. My wife scratched here iPod Photo in like 4 minutes while walking out of the store and later that day bought a case. For the scratch concerned, Todd Daily posts on how he polished his nano with Brasso. I suggest Flitz.

Sweaty Palms

After about 3 months with my first PowerBook G4, I noticed the pitting on the palm rests, near the trackpad. I researched it, called AppleCare, Google, discussion forums and figured out that my sweaty palms are corrosive to anodized finishes. So, I found a mild polish/protectorant called Flitz, polish my laptop occasionally, and got over it.

Zen and Scratches

Part of getting over scratches is having kids. Here are some recent scratch examples that I’ve learned to live with

  • My son raked the hood of my Volvo with a metal rake (he thought he was washing it for me)
  • My daughter walked along my Volvo with her backpack and left a scratch about a foot long
  • My Sony Ericsson phone is one scratched up phone and it just doesn’t quit
  • Put my Trek racing bicycle in a bike rack and lost a huge chunk of paint from the top tube

This week I noticed a gigantic scratch on the hardwood floors in the office. No idea where that came from, but it’s huge, and well, “scratches happen.”

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Oct 04  |  Gordon said:

I have a Nano. It has a few “life scratches” but nothing you’d call a gouge. I think they are more noticable now with the more glasslike front but as you say, it’s only a wee scratch (is there a word for a “less than” scratchmark??).

I bet Apple are secretly happy that that is all people have found to complain about!

Oct 04  |  -b- said:

I was in the Apple Store over the weekend and checked the Nanos on display. First off I was like, ‘wow,” then saw regular scrathces and some cracked ones. My guess is that people we’re trying to break them, to see how fragile they are. Of note was that the cracked ones still played!

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