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Bicycling in Maui

posted by DL Byron on December 30, 2005

Maui Miles One curious thing about riding in Maui is the Trade Winds and how they swirl around you. There’s no draft, the wind is constant, and we’d be spinning in a 39 x 15 on flat roads. I’ve ridden in much wind, growing up in Eastern Washington where the wind blows in all directions, but never in a wind that surrounds you — it’s like a Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound for wind.

Maui is cycling friendly with bike paths everywhere, no chip seal, and wide shoulders, but some of the roads near the resorts are poorly designed, crazy intersections and no interchanges. I think that’s a result of the overdevelopment in Kihei, as the State recognizes cycling as good for Maui and has a plan.

While bike lanes are appreciated, putting them in a turning lane is not only scary, but dangerous. A car accelerated past and then cut us off to make a turn off the Pilani Highway and a car turned into Pam on the main drive in Kihei. She wasn’t hurt, but you’ve got to ride aggressively so the tourist know you’re there. The Maui Bike Alliance is working hard to improve cycling on the island and next time we’ll look them up for group rides and a copy of the Maui County Bicycling Map.

At the top of Haleakala, we met a cyclist from California, who rode around most of the island in 10 hours, including the one-lane, winding coastal, mostly dirt highway near Hana. Another challenge is the Cycle to the Sun race. For us, being on a rest week, in the training cycle, Maui was ideal. We just rode il tranquilo everywhere: 5 days, 15 hours.

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Jan 04  |  Tim Jackson- Masiguy said:

Sounds like a wonderful time. The climbing part is a little concerning, seeing as to how I’m a track sprinter. Besides, I thought I heard Hawaii is flat as a pancake, but maybe I’m thinking of Nebraska…

Jan 05  |  -b- said:

It was and that’s why many people do the get driven up and ride down, which would be a blast as well. Island riding is always hilly, with ups and downs and then the wind. I think if you went there to train, it could be very frustrating if you’re not a climber, but to just ride and enjoy it, it was great. We just rode and relaxed. Another highlight was riding across the lava fields.

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