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Now with Video!

posted by DL Byron on January 16, 2006

My family surprised me with an iPod with Video on my birthday. Nice! So, I spent a good day discovering all I could do with it, including ripping a DVD and watching it on the iPod

The latest version of QuickTime has an export to iPod function to convert video, including your home movies, porn, or whatever you want. I’m also going to try out my presentations on my iPod and, at the least, use the iPod as a backup instead of burning CDs.

On video in iTunes, Frank Steele noticed that you can now stream video with iTunes. I tried it and it works, but only with video purchased from the Music Store.

Finally, for podcasting, if the formats are confusing, see audioblog’s new on-the-fly transcoding to iPod video format feature. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out why the pugcasts weren’t in a compatible format. It’d be real nice to not have to worry about any of that.


A quick chat with Mike D. and I learned that you can record from the Comcast HD box to your Powerbook and then, of course, to your iPod. See this tutorial from MacTeens.

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Jan 18  |  robroy said:

So when do watch porn thats on your iPod? I mean does it really make sense to put porn on one’s iPod?

Jan 18  |  -b- said:

I don’t watch porn on it (family and all), but it’s like the first iPod photos, once you have the feature you fill it up. I put all of our home movies on it, our old net.art, some TV shows (crazy for the cupcakes etc), cartoons, comps, my presentations, and whatever. To me it’s more like a media device that now includes video, than a specific video player. However, that screen is good enough to watch on a plane and commuting and on my next trip, I’ll rip a DVD, take it with me, and plug it into the TV.

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