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Rain gear for a sunny day

posted by DL Byron on January 31, 2006

I don’t want to criticize a fellow inventor and cyclist, but it would appear that the inventor of RainLegs has not ridden in the rain very much, which is odd since the company is from the UK where I hear it rains as much as Seattle. When you ride in the rain, it’s not your thighs and knees that you need to keep dry, it’s your feet and butt. Unless you want to be miserable during your commute or training ride, there’s no way getting around having fenders and mud flaps.

I’ll give RainLegs props for the attempt, but just don’t see that working.

Hat tip to CleverChimp for being clever.

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Feb 02  |  todd "FIR" fahrner :^) said:

Of course you need full fenders. These work in conjunction with them. I agree that the guy wearing them on a fenderless bike is asking for a cold gritty soggy crack, but not that the product per se is deficient.

Feb 02  |  -b- said:

Ah yes. Not the best photo for the product!Seeing your url … your involved with CleverChimp? Rock on. I adore the site, the Stokemonkey, and the whole thing.

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