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Virtual Seminar questions

posted by DL Byron on January 26, 2006

Q/A with M. Morton during the virtual seminar

M. Morton

I fail to see how a business-to-business Internet company’s message on a blog remain professional and list things like “On a Lazy Sunday” on its blog. Am I missing something?
Good question. That example is from my personal blog, which mixes personal and business. For a business, you’d post about your business or your expertise in the field, but remember that blogging is not press releasing. You’ll want to open up a bit more and offer a casual voice, less formal topics than typical marketing. If you liked “On a Lazy Sunday,” post about it and chances are your customers liked it as well.

Andrea J.

Is it better to use “comments”, “trackbacks” or both? Why?
Comments are going to be the conversation. Tracbacks are the related conversation, but are just the servers between the blogs talking to each other. In other words, comments are humans conversing and trackbacks are servers talking to each other. Both are good, but also susceptible to spammers who will flood comments and trackbacks with junk posts.

Bill K.

How hard is it to (or is it possible) install a reader on my site? So my site can gather information and act like a news resource?
It’s not hard at all. You can use all sorts of tools, like reblog.org.

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Jan 26  |  Doug said:

Related to Bill K’s question:

Has anyone run across any web-based feed readers that could be deployed behind a firewall to read in-house news feeds? Something an IT group could host on a corporate network without installing desktop clients.

I know that Firefox can subscribe to feeds, and IE 7 will, but most users are still using IE 6.

Jan 26  |  -b- said:

Good one and yes there is! NewsGator Enterprise Server. And I think for a programmer type, they could build an aggregator, parser, deailo themselves?

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