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An unpleasant and painful moment

posted by DL Byron on March 21, 2006

I was taking Ryan to the doctor for a follow-up appointment for an infection he had. He was going to have an ultrasound on his kidneys, I could tell he was nervous, and I told it was going to be “fun! and great!” Responding to my encouragement he says, “well, no, cause last time I went to the hospital it was an unpleasant and painful moment.” I couldn’t argue with him on that (they drew blood and he was not feeling well) and he totally cracked me up. I then changed the subject and tried to convince him that ultrasound was done by sharks with laser beams. I surmised that, “they lower you into a tank of water and these sharks swim around pointing the ultrasound laser at your belly.” He didn’t believe me for a second, but thought it sounded funny and asked the nurse where the sharks were when we got there.

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Mar 21  |  Paul Ingram said:

Perfect, Byron. Thanks for reminding me to play more with the kids.

Mar 21  |  -b- said:

Hey you’re welcome. Ryan and I ended up spending most of the day together and, despite the hospital part, had a really good day.

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