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IMac 20" G5 at Costco

posted by DL Byron on March 20, 2006

The mac community emailed, posted, and lots of forums commentary about the iMac 20 inch G5 at Costco. We’d been thinking about giving the kids the iMac 17 (iSight) and at the Costco price, we decided to do it. It’s $1479.99 plus AppleCare (169.00) and an iLife 06 DVD in the box. The savings are about $400.00 and the bonus of Costco’s warranty and 2% cashback on our Amex. A very good deal!

I’m running the Setup Assistant now and can tell you having the 17 and 20 inch next to each other, that the 20 looks massive! Also, I hadn’t seen this posted about yet, but Costco also has the Mac Mini for $699.00 with AppleCare.

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