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NewCommForum Good, Mold Bad

posted by DL Byron on March 02, 2006

I just had to quickly exit a meeting room here at the NewCommForum because of an allergic reaction to the mold in the rooms. I’d smelled it earlier, just a whiff, but being in the meeting rooms was too much. I’ll have to hang out, outside of the room, survive the panel, and then get out of here.

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Mar 03  |  Debbie Weil said:


One of my favorite moments at the NewComm Forum was you standing politely at the front desk and pointing to a Sheraton coupon that said 100% satisfaction guaranteed. “But it wasn’t 100%,” you said - presumably because of the mold. Whatever happened? Did you get a free night’s stay?? :-)

Mar 03  |  -b- said:

Ha! That’s right. I was like, uhm, “having a severe allergic reaction in your hotel was not satisfying.” The first desk clerk offered my a free cocktail which also didn’t satisfy me and then the supervisor was very helpful and genuinely concerned. I think it was all the rain got in the air conditioner filters, rotted, and they were blowing mold throughout the hotel. I asked the audience during the panel if others were suffering and a few raised their hands. The end result was they gave me 1/2 off my stay, which I thought was fair.

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