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Old iMac DV SE

posted by DL Byron on March 21, 2006

At the time, when we bought the iMac DV Special Edition it was the shit, the best iMac you could get and it really was (and is) a good computer. Wiping the hard drive last night and packing it up to sell on Craig’s List or donate to the good will, I recalled all the good times we had together.

Back in the day, when Textura Design was about net.art and creativity on the web, that’s where it all was created. And for a 6-year old computer, that iMac is still running fine with Panther. One of my long-standing criticism of Windows, is all the CPU sucking it does. Here I had a computer with a 400 mhz chip and it ran Panther just fine for email and web browsing.

I do hope the iMac finds it’s way to a good home and not just the recycling heap. I didn’t really want to let it go, but it’s rotating out as we upgrade our computers and got the Costco deal on the 20-inch iMac. Earlier in the year, I got rid of the even older Centris 610, the first computer I owned, and that was still running fine as well!

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