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The Boogie that -b-

posted by DL Byron on March 02, 2006

I dropped off a set of wheels at my local UPS stop for shipment back to the factory and the UPS driver was delivering a set of wheels to another customer — a wheel coinicidence.

Concluding a call with a client, while walking through the D concourse at Seatac, I heard a familiar voice and it was Al Gore. I got a photo with my Beastie Boys Crappy Camera Phone (requires an RSS reader). Al Gore’s head is the bluest one, which is what I’d expect. You’d think that Al Gore’s head would show up as blue on a Beastie Boys filter.

Palo Alto was like a suburban dream driving in. We passed a school with kids riding bikes, squirrels eating nuts, and then I had the best quesadilla I’ve ever eated. It was a gourmet quesadilla. Damn it was good.

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