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Apple's Secrets and Stale Chips

posted by DL Byron on May 11, 2006

AppleInsider posts a research note about Apple from PiperJaffray and it includes these nuggets

Apple management focuses on the problems consumers are facing and tries to focus product development on ways to solve those problems within the constraints of the supply chain

… to continue to pursue devices with one primary feature and not focus on multiple functions in one device

create the best products and selling them at an “appropriate” price

So that’s why the iPod is so successful and iLife just works — find a problem and solve it the best way you can.

On a much, much smaller scale, when we set out to design a better bag clip, our designer analyzed the problem with current clips, studied all sorts of them, and decided the rod and clamp was the best solution.

We’ll never be as successful as Apple (that’s just a dream), but it feels good to know we created something that works well.

I forgot about that for a time while writing the book, building business blogs for clients, and lecturing. But that’s where this all started — trying to solve the problem of stale chips.

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