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Bike to Work Month

posted by DL Byron on May 17, 2006

Midway through Bike to Work month, the Seattle PI reports a record numbers of riders. I work from home so I don’t commute, but during my training rides I’ve seen an amazing numbers of dedicated cyclists riding to and from work.

I hope at least a fraction of them continue next month. The PI cites high fuel costs, the challenge, and that commuting by bike is an environmentally friendly thing to do. It’s also about health, less stress, and getting out of traffic. Rebel against our dominant car culture; be different, ride your bike.

And to the point of “just riding your bike,” we’ve got a blog for the cycling enthusiast coming soon.

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May 17  |  Tim said:

Excellent news! I see more and more people riding in Los Angeles to (quite a few of them at night riding to bars, if you can imagine). There’s no reason people can’t ride all the time here when they ride in climates like Seattle and Chicago, right? But it’s going to take awhile to convince people.

May 17  |  -b- said:

I agree and see what Stokemonkey is doing to promote the cause.

May 22  |  Tim said:

Wow. That’s crazy. In more ways than one!

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