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Blog Book in Hand

posted by DL Byron on May 30, 2006

And there it was. An unassuming, plain package from Fedex on my door step. Opened it and up and I had Publish & Prosper: Blogging for Your Business in my hand. I immediately noticed how the cover looked great (it was in debate for a while) and how thin the book is. It’s supposed to be thin, a quick read on a plane, but geez it felt like we wrote a tome in Word.

An interesting experience — exhilarating, a let down from all the stress, and then how it just arrived.

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May 30  |  davina said:


May 30  |  jw said:

congrats, dude. you should sell ‘em in their own clip n seal bags so you can read them while snorkelling.

May 31  |  brownrigg said:

Fantastic, congratulations B! Lot’s of work but it must feel good to have it in hand.

May 31  |  -b- said:

Thanks all! Now the waiting for it to show up in Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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