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BusinessWeek on Boeing's Blogs

posted by DL Byron on May 11, 2006

Stanley Holmes’ writes about Boeing’s Blogs for BusinessWeek, including Randy’s Journal, Flight Test Journal, and an internal blog for Integrated Defense Systems. It’s great to see Boeing get coverage for their efforts and Textura Design is proud to have consulted with them. It’s a great article and appreciated. All that we learned about working with Boeing and business blogging is in our book and Boeing deserves thanks for that as well.

My dad is now out looking on the newstands for all the copies of BusinessWeek he can find!

And mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

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May 12  |  mathew said:

It’s also pretty nice when the technology that lets us blog gives some propers.

May 14  |  Jim Byron said:

Article about Boeing…usually secretive, yes, but for good reason in many cases due to military contracts. However, the Commercial Airplane Group has “commercial contracts” that are very public, especially when they are announced by the customers. I think it is a good thing for the customers to openly say (in more than a standard press release) why they chose Boeing airplanes and what they expect to get out of their latest contracts, as well as the salesmen and the employees who build these great products.

Often the importance of an individual contract (such as a national rebuilding goal) isn’t discussed and input from support organizations who really want to support that customers goals are left unsaid.

Cheers for “open communication”…it really is very important and since we ve been saying that for many years the blog appears to be a way to get information out and maybe even solve problems before they become problems!

Jim Byron
Retired Director of Operations
Boeing-Commercial Airplane Company

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