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Further evidence of how unhealthy the USA is

posted by DL Byron on May 03, 2006

A new study shows just how fat and out of shape america is. Maybe it’s our gas-guzzling, car culture or all the crap we eat — probably both. Study after study shows our children are fat and now so are our seniors. I mean, this is a country that makes up diseases like Restless Leg Syndrome or has a wonderful commecial for Ambien that makes me want to try it, just cause I want to have a neon butterfly float over my head in a blissful dream.

We’ve been teaching our kids about healthy habits, eating right, and last night Oprah had a great show on about eating right with Dr. Oz and his book YOU: The Owner’s Manual

To get in shape for the bicycle racing season this year, I lost weight over the winter and I can say that once you stop eating all that processed crap, you no longer crave it. I’d have a Pepsi everday, right after lunch. Once I stopped, after about a week, no more cravings for it and all that sugar. The take away form the Oprah show for the kids and us, was to eat for life and think about what you put in your body.

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May 05  |  Michael Nolan said:

On my two hour drive back home from the St. Louis airport late Sunday night I needed something to eat and knew the only place open at 10:30 was a McDonalds so I guiltily slinked in. It was luridly lit for its setting on the square of a small Illinois town. Inside was a group of four high-school girls, all very pretty, vivacious, clearly members of the “in-crowd.” The astonishing thing was their size. These girls were h-u-g-e, and all with roughly the same size rotund butts, breasts and tummies. Behind the counter worked three of their friends in oversized polyester McDonalds shirts, speaking into their headphones and walkie-talkies, serving up supersized Big Macs and fries. If you saw a photo of this scene, you would think it had been staged for artistic and editorial effect and was not accidental. It was simply too horrifying.

May 05  |  -b- said:

Man, I had a similar experience popping into Safeway for a presription when a group of heavy teen girls came screeching, giggling, and laughing by when the intent of having everyone notice them. And what did I notice? How fat they were. All of them.

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