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Inland Empire Century Ride

posted by DL Byron on May 14, 2006

We didn’t plan on it, but met up with the Tri-City Bicycle Club and the Inland Empire Century Ride on Saturday. It was great day for a ride: 78 degrees, a cool breeze, and fellow cyclists. I brought my old Hed Alps with me and “rolled” in the sidewinds, across the desert. Spring and the Fall are the best times to ride in the Tri-Cities, when it’s colorful and cool.

Also, for a while, I was very disorientated by all the changes to the roads, neighborhoods, and growth in the Tri-Cities. They’ve got traffic circles now!

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Feb 26  |  John Ittner said:

Hey Byron - try it again this year. We’re having a party at the end of the ride, beer garden, dogs, etc. May 12.

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