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Meet me at the Morgan Library

posted by DL Byron on May 26, 2006

I arrived early for dinner with Jeffrey and Carrie. I checked that I was at the right restaurant, confirmed it, and then walked a block further arriving at the Morgan Library. It was closed, so I sat on a garden wall and watched the endless motion of New York City. Moments later Jeffrey stepped into my view as he rolled Ava’s baby carriage to a stop. He looked, paused, and not much was said at first. We were just two old friends picking up the conversation from the last time we met. He talked about the book he just finished and I talked about my book that’s just starting to sell. I noticed Ava’s boo boo and he told me all about it. Ava’s an angel and now a mischievous, active, smart angel.

Before we left to eat with Carrie who arrived later, Jeffrey impressed me with his historical and architectural knowledge of a robber baron who built himself a greek temple full of books.

And I also noticed how goucho pants in every sort and flavor are in style this year. Worn with pumps, boots, flats, and strappy sandals, girls are getting their gouchos out.

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