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The Launch Snap Contest

posted by DL Byron on May 20, 2006

Snap.com has launched and is promoting a contest of user-submitted ideas via their new blog. The person that comes up with the best launch idea gets 5K and so does the blog that referred them.

Snap wants to collaborate on the future of search and use participatory media to get there. The most popular idea so far is a search and win contest; and as noted, that’s an old idea.

So, how would you launch a new website? Got something better than a click contest? Tell Snap and win.

Jason Fields, a colleague and Clip-n-Seal fan, spent much time working on Snap and the blog. Nice work and good to see it out there.

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May 24  |  Ed Kohler said:

Promoting a new search engine is a tricky thing. No matter what promotion you come up with for search, if the product doesn’t deliver relevant results - and fast - it will be tough to convert the visitors to regular users.

May 25  |  -b- said:

That’s correct. And Snap was certainly slow on that first day launch.

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