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Veering off brand

posted by DL Byron on August 25, 2006

Having just attended a Veer Lofts information session, a new condo project in the revitalizing South Lake Union, it took me a while to process it all and I finally realized what I saw was a brand falling apart, veering off course.

Veer isn’t quite what they’re saying it is or marketing it as. The project is still very promising, but the sales staff seem to either be making it up as they go along, are confused themselves by the concept, or left hanging without enough details. While very nice and I think they just don’t have the details, they’re also pre-occupied with selling Countrywide mortgages and their nonanswers to specific questions implies the rushed lottery process is a sales tactic to build demand rather than an effort in social conscious. For example, the preferences they ask you to provide on the units will presumably be used to gauge demand and raise prices.

When you visit the Veer site, you get a whole “paint it they way you want thing.” Uhm … not so much. The creative professionals they’re marketing to can “Revel in what they create” from the 3 choices they give you. And, of course, up sell you to more. That’s a lot less sizzle to the building when you also consider the neighborhood of parking lots, soda factory, and the buildings that can go up around you.

Also very questionable is the affordable, first-time buyers pitch. A non-refundable 5% down isn’t for a first-time buyer, nor is the “special” lottery they’re offering to previous Vulcan properties owners or the potential for high home owner costs. I presume that a great idea for living in South Lake Union got mired in the politics and fiefdoms discussed in this blog post from the 360 Digest.

There is so much going on in South Lake Union, it’s hard to keep track. See these related sites and posts. If you haven’t noticed or heard, a whole ‘nother downtown is being built with it’s own choo-choo. Despite the concerns over Veer Lofts, we’re sold on the neighborhood and are going to a session on Rollin Street Flats (yeah! another ride on the inspirational theme ride).

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Aug 25  |  Ben said:

Great post. It’s always good to hear the public’s opinions on the new projects, good and bad. I get an ear full from other agents so it’s refreshing to hear from you and Matt @ urbnlivn.

Yeah, most of the info comes from press releases and sales literature. Though, I attend many of the projects personally, I tend/try to limit my bias in the blog.

May 29  |  newbuyer said:

What did you think of Rollin Street Flats?

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