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Wall of progress

posted by DL Byron on February 23, 2007

Where some businesses may opt for a jumbotron or network computers to see their manufacturing schedule at a glance, a couple whiteboards in a meeting room, or sheet after sheet of Project printouts taped to a wall, this company does it with a floor-to-ceiling wall of progress. Periodically, the dark-haired guy next to the plant climbs the ladder and moves arrows around the various levels. When asked about the wall, a salesperson said, “that’s just how we roll.”


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Feb 24  |  AMB said:

Hope you did not miss what the astute salesperson told you. They apparently “roll” using a technique made famous all over the world by Toyota. Those of us who have died trying to use the other techniques really do think these are progress because they work, unlike most of our IT systems.

Feb 24  |  -b- said:

Considering the millions that business is turning, damn straight! I was actually fascinated by it and it’s effectiveness. Also me and everyone I know is completely overwhelmed by email. I bet you could make a living as a wall of progress consultant — de-emailing organizations

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