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Movable Type Summit

posted by DL Byron on March 20, 2007

Following the trip to SXSW, Jay is in NYC for the Movable Type Executive Summit and Hackathon and I’m flying there today. Jay is speaking about creating plugins and I’m speaking about enterprise blogging.

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Once in a Lifetime Encounter in Austin

posted by Jason Swihart on March 14, 2007

Today, on my last day in Austin, TX for SxSW, my friend Jennifer and I were exiting a hotel courtyard on South Congress to make our way back to the Convention Center. Just as we stepped into the misty air out in the sidewalk, a helmeted cyclist rode by on the street, his sharp features and lean physique instantly recognizable. Agog, we exclaimed in near unison:

“Holy crap, that was David Byrne!”

We stood gaping as he maneuvered his bicycle tentatively across the lanes of oncoming traffic and into the center turn lane of the five-lane street. He was evidently trying to get himself onto the other side of Congress in order to ride with traffic.

Watching him negotiate with a blue pickup truck for the center lane, aggressive traffic on all sides of him, one of us spoke the words we both were thinking: “I really hope David Byrne doesn’t get hit.”

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Invisible Blogosphere

posted by Jason Swihart on March 12, 2007

Invisible BlogosphereJay’s on stage now and killing with his wit and understanding of the blog world. There’s no better pr than when your slides cause the audience to erupt in spontaneous applause.

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Jay Allen@SXSW

posted by DL Byron on March 12, 2007

While I’m in Portland with the Intel bloggers, Jay’s speaking today at SXSW about the Invisible Blogosphere.

From the rabble that is the A-list a new breed of blogger is emerging who is transcending the medium. Their rise to prominence is being hailed as the inevitable leveling of the playing field which, until recently, was the sacred ground of the mainstream media. But in all of the self-congratulatory bluster and round-the-clock coverage by the media of its own demise, one important fact is completely ignored: The Blogosphere you know is only the tip of the iceberg. They aren’t interested in your open source journalism and you have no chance of getting on their friends list.

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Less Byron More Textura Design

posted by DL Byron on March 10, 2007

Jason and Jay are at SXSW Interactive this weekend talking blogs, Textura Design, and Hugger Industries. Jay’s got a power session on Monday and I’m here in Seattle working away launching new blogs and trying to get caught up on our client work.

With the two Js in Austin, it’s a good time to announce that behind the scenes, concurrent with our brand refresh, we’ve got a new design that refocuses Textura on an agency model.

That agency is less about me and more about being “a creative force specializing in business blogging for clients big and small.”

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At SxSW Interactive

posted by Jason Swihart on March 10, 2007

Nice DogJay and I are spending the next few days in Austin at SxSW Interactive. Jay is speaking on Monday, and I’m listening, drinking copious quantities of Tito’s, and trend watching.

Today I’m sitting in on Writing, Better, After the Brief: A Field Guide to Design Inspiration, Tag. You’re It, and High Class and Low Class Web Design.

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