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Newsvine Relaunches

posted by DL Byron on May 10, 2007

While Social Media to me is like raves were in the 90s — I was aware, but a generation ahead, just a bit too old, not in the scene — I give Newsvine props for their redesign. While I’d much rather spend less time online, walk the dog, ride my bike, or hang out with my kids than fucking Twitter anything, these kids today dig the social media tools and Newsvine is one of the best, especially with a customizable interface and scrolling live news thingy.

Mike D (not the original Mike D, the other one) and I often joke about Web 2.0 and I alternate between being stuck on Web 1.5 and turning it up all the way up to Web Eleventy (referencing Spinal Tap), the dude has got the goods on creating community. He puts it root down.

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