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An iPhone Flow

posted by DL Byron on July 31, 2007

I spent lots of time adapting iPhone into my workflow and was going to write this massively awesome post on it, and then I read Jeffrey’s post … Since then I discovered, via OSXhints, that you can accept Outlook invites directly in Apple’s Mail. That was my last hold out, as most of our clients use Exchange. Well, who knew, at least I didn’t know, that you could toggle “previous alternative” and “next alternative” (under View > Message in Mail.app) to turn an invite from Outlook to iCal and vice versa. (geez, had I known, I would’ve switched earlier, like a year ago).

With that new found ability, the transition is made and I’m running Mail with IMAP and iPhone, syncing it all up, into a flow. Like Jeffrey wrote, I’m not organizing the email into 3 folders deep. Instead I act on it, Smart Mailbox it, apply rules to it, save project related messages, and the rest is deleted into the ether.


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In the Financial Times

posted by DL Byron on July 06, 2007

I was cleaning up my inbox, preparing for the great email sync with the iPhone and found an email from a Financial Times reporter and pinged her to see if the article ever ran and it did … in April! Titled, the power of business blogging, the article discusses how blogs are used as a way of communicating and collaborating internally. Anil and I are both quoted.

Better late then never to discover that Textura Design is in the Financial Times and also well timed with the Dreamliner roll out this weekend. Maybe just a small role in a plane development program, but blogs did help get that plane out the door.

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The Buddha Machine

posted by DL Byron on July 05, 2007

Spending a few days with the iPhone, admiring it’s technology, fit and finish, reminded me of the Buddha Machine and how it’s “defiantly rough around the edges.”


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