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5 on a plane

posted by DL Byron on October 13, 2007

The flight to Narita, then onto Taipei for the Intel Developer Forum was uneventful compared to a recent Vegas flight. The details are sketchy as it happened very fast and I still don’t know exactly what happened, but do know this

  • A plane was released to fly after maintenance that took most the day
  • Passengers were needed to fly on it
  • Mike and I were waiting for our flight and suddenly the counter agents started yelling a us to get onto another flight
  • Once on the flight, the pilots had a 15 minute window to get back into the air or lose their flight rights because of FAA limitations.
  • We got on, rushed out to the runway in a hurry, then suddenly braked hard, turned around, and came back because there were too many planes ahead of us to meet the pilot’s flight time cut off.
  • We were escorted off the plan and the counter agents just shook their heads.

After that confusing and thrilling experience, I decided that was definitely worth a first-class upgrade and Alaska agreed. We took photos while on the plane, the attendants, mechanic, and pilot were all very nice and cordial.

That was a “never had that happened before” experience. With Alaska’s Wild Northwest past, I bet there are many more.


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