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Twittter down

posted by DL Byron on February 29, 2008

Damn, Twitter is down. Just as I was going to let everyone know that I was going to put on a pair of pants today.

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Pug Blog Content

posted by DL Byron on February 24, 2008


Pug Blog was acquired by a 3rd party without our knowledge and we’re working right now to recover it. We apologize for the content that’s there. That’s not us. We have not gone into the porn business. I’ll post with an update as soon as we get this issue resolve.


We’re working through the process to recover the domain and a redirect is up. . You should not see porn at that address any longer.

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Pedals Not Panels

posted by DL Byron on February 15, 2008

While you’re sitting in the convention center watching PowerPoint presentations, we’re going to be riding bikes, drinking beer, and eating food — ok, you can come, too, and it’s free!

On Saturday, March 8, Bike Hugger is sponsoring a series of rides culminating with a BBQ in Brush Square Park. We’ll have bikes, schwag, beer, food, and special appearances.

Come ride with us, or at least join us at 4:30 in Brush Square Park.

Bike Hugger is a blog about bike culture that Textura Design publishes.


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