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Atom-powered Mobile Internet Device

posted by DL Byron on March 10, 2008

EVERYONE has an iPhone at SXSW and there was one of these — an Atom-powered Mobile Internet Device — spotted at the Bike Hugger BBQ. I was curious about it, asked, and learned that it’s a Gigabyte prototye MID running Atom and Linux:

At breakfast the next day, I overhead someone say, “there are so many iPhones now, it’s not cool anymore — I should go retro with a Startac or one of those giant 70s phones.” Or a MID.

That got a round of laughs and I realized that the social-mobile web was upon us. Seeing that many people socializing, working, and using their phones and device was remarkable. We’ll see and learn more about Atom MIDs in Shanghai next month at the Intel Developer Forum and talk more about being social.

Almost a year ago, while in Beijing, we blogged a UMPC prototype.

from the dreeping set on Flickr.

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Mar 12  |  Steve Paine said:

This is one of my favorite MIDs at the moment. Had a chance to get some good hands-on at CeBIT.

Wish I could join you in Shanghai. Will be watching the blog closely.

Steve ‘Chippy’ @ UMPCPortal.

Mar 14  |  DL Byron said:

Cool — check the video of it. I didn’t see the device boot and wondered what flava of Linux it was. We’ll see more of these in Shanghai with full reports.

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