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Candlelit IE8

posted by DL Byron on March 07, 2008

Looking back at my itinerary, it was rather stupid to do a back-to-back (who plans these things — oh I do!): Mix 08 & SXSW, but I’m en route to Austin and expect plenty of browser topics to discuss at the Bike Hugger BBQ. What I learned from Mix is that the new Mix 08-flavored MS is a better MS.

I’ve been around a long time, I think too long sometimes, and there’s def a new “new” going on. For example, this dude, CSS is his life. That’s ALL he does. I reconnected with Molly after what seemed like a very long time. She spent the last 3 years on IE 8. I also hung out with Chris Wilson and watched him Acid Test IE8.

Oh and Ballmer doing the Monkeyboy over web dev was amazing in itself.

At various candlelit parties arranged by Pete LePage, I asked, “so what drove the change on IE8, where’s this new standards thing coming from?” The response was, “standards is good business.”


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