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IDF 2008: The Shanghai Flow

posted by DL Byron on March 31, 2008

Experiencing one of those jet-lag time shifts, where the earth seems to pause on its axis for a moment, I thought “economic growth ain’t pretty.” Pro photographers must have a special Shanghai filter that lets light pass through and blocks the smog, because no matter who the architect is, however much shiny metal, glass orbs, or “Blade Runner” futuristic aesthetic the city offers, it’s still dirty, dingy, and gray. There’s a contrast between the words of hope, progress, hard-work, social-capitalism and “segregated, soulless, and exploitive.”


I wish a Seattle rain would wash the city, or in the words of the Joker, “this town needs an enema.” Getting ready for an urban ride on the streets of the Pudong, I wanted a Softer World where we could breathe easier.

We’ve got the mobile social to keep us in touch, pass the time, and we’re checking all the new tech from Intel. I’m looking for the flow I found in Beijing. There I came to understood it’s the will of the people.

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Apr 01  |  scales said:

Great post byron, but wait until you see Shanghai on a sunny day.. oh and if you think this is poluted, wait till you get to beijing..

By the way, I have a welcome present for you.. Let’s connect in the next day..

Apr 02  |  DL Byron said:

Thanks — the smog, dirt, and all doesn’t seem as bad as Beijing and we visited this magical place last night: ShiLe Boutique Lifestyle Center. Here’s an iPhone moongate photo and another here.

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