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Flotzam @Mix08

posted by DL Byron on March 05, 2008

I realized I’ve become a conference geek when I start observing an event’s production values. And Mix 08 has some of the best I’ve ever seen. MS is using Flotzam on a jumbotron showing thought cloud quotes from Twitter, Facebook, & Flickr like, “@ the keynote Ray Ozzie is talking about “links, tags, diggs, and discussion.”

Impressive and it’s all done with motion graphics.

from the dreeping set on Flickr.

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Mar 06  |  Tim Aidlin said:

Thanks for the post, my friend. Flotzam was a great project to work on with Karsten Janesewzki (spelling??) ;-) I’m glad you’re enjoying the conference, and hope you’ll post more observations, comments, and criticisms!

Mar 14  |  DL Byron said:

Mix 08 was outstanding — I appreciate the efforts to make the event very social. Next up, I think it needs a creative track with a more diverse mix of designers, artists, and creative professionals. UX was there and covered, but what I’d like to know, for example, is how creative can I get with Silverlight? I’d also invite WaSP for a panel.

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