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Trusting Twitter

posted by DL Byron on March 28, 2008

I was telling a colleague about Twitter the other day and he responded that his IT department was blocking it. That reminded me of how Instant Messenger was often being blocked when it first became popular, and undoubtedly other web apps, blogs, and sites are blocked now and monitored. Writing about the business of Web 2.0, David Pogue asks if you’re taking advantage of Web 2.0? Most companies are not, despite all the good reasons to do it. In the case of Twitter, where it may seem like the marginalia of the blogopshere (and most of it is), we’re using it at TDI as a backchannel to our business, watching the flow of blogging, clients, and our traveling associates. Business could Twitter conventions, sales meetings, and live from a client meeting … trusting twitter benefits our business, as does Web 2.0.


This year I’ll lecture more about social media, being mobile, and what we’re calling the mobile social: a generation of users that are on the move, with social apps, and mobile devices. Next week we’re in Shanghai, doing just that, participating in the mobile social with Intel at the Intel Developer Forum and Blogging Shanghai with Bike Hugger.

2 years ago, I wrote a book about practical business blogging and now the same principals apply. You can trust Twitter and take advantage of Web 2.0, as long as your smart about it and do it your own way.

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Mar 31  |  kenekaplan said:

I believe it was just last summer when I invited Jeremiah Owyang to share insights and hist take on new social media tools. This was a few months after Twitter made a big splash at SxSW 07. People on my team were intrigued, but they lumped Twitter together with the JustinTV phenom around that time. I’d say today, about half of those people are now Twittering…still learning the benefits and possibilities, but who isn’t? Twitter springs the mind forward from one possibility to the next. Sometimes it’s like turning email open for the world to see. The benefits of brevity , sharing broadly or directly with your followers for some reason seems more interesting and rewarding than hitting the Send button on yet another email.

I’m looking forward to learning more about using back channel tools that allow more people to get in tune with new communication tools. There are just so many conversations that deserve to be shared more broadly with people who are curious or need to know.

Great stuff! Thanks for helping me and so many of my pals at Intel learn by doing.

Mar 31  |  DL Byron said:

You got it — we’re just in Shanghai and starting “day zero” today …

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