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Bike Hugger Invades Austin

posted by DL Byron on February 22, 2009

Note: cross-posted from Bike Hugger

43% More Bike Culture

Attention cyclists and South By Southwest attendees, the Bike Hugger Mobile Social SXSW on March 14th just keeps getting better and better. This is quickly becoming one of the premier official SXSW events, with the amount bike culture (awesomeness) multiplying as the event grows near.


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Good Clash

posted by DL Byron on February 20, 2009

We’re struggling here a bit on how best to adapt to the new, new economy and with mostly bad news all around us, I was stalled on the creativity. Then I spotted the Clash in KK+’s Facebook stream.

Damn is that ever an inspired performance! A band at the top of it’s game. Sure, later, it wasn’t like that and they fell apart; but I’m just hoping for a few good moments this year. Like from the good old days.

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The Time That Unix Forgot

posted by DL Byron on February 12, 2009

On this day in 1969, the Mobile News Network app published these headlines.

Technically, the reason a Mac defaults to that date is because the actual Unix epoch is in GMT. Here in the US, it was a few hours before midnight 12/31/69 at the moment of the epoch (Unix counts the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970 to establish dates). If a programmer hands back a zero, or a negative number like for an error, instead of the Unix date, then boom: it’s back to the future 1969.

Much happens on 12/31/69, including daily news, blog posts, and even podcasts.

For the record, in 1969. I was nearly 2 years old, Led Zepplin released an album, and it was considering the year that everything changed.

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Apple TV Fix

posted by DL Byron on February 10, 2009

After completing another sync dance with my Apple TV, thought I should post on what to do when Apple TV Doesn’t Appear in iTunes.

  1. Quit iTunes
  2. Find and select ~/library/preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist
  3. Enter Time Machine
  4. Go back to the last known date when your Apple TV DID show up in iTunes
  5. Restore the File replacing it
  6. Power Cycle the ATV (unplugged and plug it back in)
  7. Open iTunes.

atv_itunes.jpg Give the ATV a few minutes to show up in iTunes and that’s it. Why iTunes and ATV lose their connection, I don’t know and no one else seems to either. There are lost of various attempts to fix it on blogs and in forums — they amount to voodoo and speculation.

The sync dance works for me. My working theory on why the Apple TV drops from the device list is that if iTunes crashes, or hangs, and ATV just happens to try syncing during that time, boom it’s gone. And it’s very annoying.

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100 Year Old Gum

posted by DL Byron on February 10, 2009

Cross-posted from Bike Hugger, 100 Year Old Gum video

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SXSW 09 Official Party

posted by DL Byron on February 10, 2009

It’s official, we’re official, at SXSW with the Mobile Social.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the dreeping set on Flickr.

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SXSW Interactive Festival 09

posted by DL Byron on February 03, 2009

We’re back at SXSW this year with the Bike Hugger Mobile Social and Byron’s joining the Make Yourself More Interesting Panel to talk about Doing Epic Shit.

Adding to the collective experience this year, SXSW has launched my.sxsw.com and for the noobs, a 101 course.


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20th Anniversary of Paul's Boutique

posted by DL Byron on February 03, 2009

As noted on Twitter

Bike HuggerPauls Boutique remastered!

Bike Hugger — wow 20 year anniversary of Pauls Boutique.

JohntheMonkey — Paul’s Boutique - damn that makes me feel old. have the gatefold with lovely heavy vinyl in my record shelves.

Got arrested at the Mardi Gras for jumping on a float,
My man MCA’s got a beard like a billy goat

Not only is Paul’s Boutique digitally remastered, but in vinyl, and with audio commentary.

Like JohntheMonkey I felt old, when I got the press release, but also remembered the good times, a record before its time, and one that influences the work we do here and countless other artists, muscians, cyclists, skate boarders, and urban culture.

Dreeping is a term we use to describe life in Seattle — under gray skies and rain — and Paul’s Boutique plays in the dreep’s soundtrack.

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